200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training



Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Educational curriculum for future yoga teachers . The certification of IAFA College is recognized worldwide

What makes this Course unique:

• Certification from I.A.F.A. College is recognized worldwide
• Our Course is recognized by Yoga Alliance • Instructors and Masters have significant amount of years in teaching and training
• The ability of 150 hours of training for those who don't wish to become yoga instructors
• Job opportunity in one of 35 Yava Fitness Centers in all of Greece

Prerequisites & Dates
• One year of practicing yoga
• During the Course period: 20 hours with our basic teachers (Free) and 10 hours with the suggested masters.

12-weekend teacher training. This period includes exams and 3 days of retreat outside Athens with all teachers, giving you a lifetime experience in Ashramlife and KarmaYoga.

• History and philosophy of Yoga
• Personal sadhana
• Teaching and practicing Asana, pranayama, kriyas/shatkarmas
• Αnatomy Energy Anatomy
• Relaxations Techniques / Yoga Nidra
• Build & Design a class lesson with different styles (Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)
• Chanting / recitation India mantas / Yoga Nidra
• Teacher Ethics and deontology
• Educational psychology (Alessandro Ortona) • self knowledge (Alessandro Ortona) • Adjustments • Meditation Techiques • Using equipment and props

Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou practices and teaches yoga the last 15 years, by transmitting with respect, love and knowledge her experience.
Her training in Greece and India was mainly focused in Hatha Yoga, Υoga Therapy, Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. While attending and participating in international Yoga conventions and workshops, she enriches and evolves her knowledge and teaching.
Her classes are influenced by the wide knowledge in alternative therapies, anatomy and physiology of the body and the balancing of the energy body in a therapeutic way. Her recent training in Nada Yoga, love of mantras and traditional Indian musical instruments, give a very personal and unique touch in her classes and the various workshops and retreats she organizes both in Greece and abroad.
Maria’s wider training includes Reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki (2nd degree), pre-natal and kids yoga. She taught pilates mat-work and equipment for over 10 years and swing yoga the last 5 years.
Since 2009 she is the Yoga Teacher Training director on the international organization I.A.F.A. College


Evangelos is a E-RYT200 & RYT500 yoga teacher and a musician. He studied marketing while he was already a competing athlete in Karate and part of the National Karate team for 6 years. He won various Greek championships and a Gold medal in the Balkan Championship in 2000. From 1998 until 2006 he taught Karate as an assistant for his Sensei Athanasopoulos.
As the former owner and co-founder of Swaha Yoga Center in Acropolis, the last five years he has been creating yoga workshops, and co-leading Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher trainings, and retreats.
He teaches group classes, and private sessions for therapy.
He is trained in Anusara Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai massage, Ear acupuncture, TRX, Animal Movement and NHR in schools and training centers from New York to Thailand and India.
As a musician, in the past he composed music for theatrical plays. Now in various workshops he connects the power of music with the spirituality of yoga .

Joanna Vladescu

Joanna Vladescu practiced in yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2010. With continued practice and education, sharing this beautiful path with her students, whether they are in Greece or India. She has done training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga in America, Greece and India. She has taught in training teachers in Goa, India, and is a certified Thai massage therapist. She believes that the teacher must continue to be a student and the knowledge is an endless path. "What matters the most is the journey and not the destination".

GuestTeacher: Alessandro Ortona

( the student point of view)
"We will enter the student point of view, the skill of learning is the base of all the teachings. To learn how to learn and how to make comprehension what we learn theoretically. By learning from external sources we understand, by learning how to learn from ourselves we transform learning into comprehension. Because as one great teacher had told me ones: if you aim to help somebody the only real help is the one that will make him or her free of any need for future help. "

Alessandro Ortona ( Sam Buddha ): Born in Italy in ‘66, started practicing Yoga at the age of fifteen under the influence of his mother who was practicing since the sixties. As a young boy he was influenced from the meetings with different teachers who were frequent the house. After graduating in business management worked in shipping industry for few years. In search of a more simple and inspiring life, he abandoned his carrier and went to Antigua ( West Indies ), in the Caribbean to start a new life. After six years the understanding that the exterior change doesn't mean too much, he decided to dedicate himself to yoga and started practicing intensively.

He met the great yogi Sri SriSri Satchidananda from whom he learned the foundation of the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga. In Italy he studied with Walter Ruta( Tirak ) and started teaching and helping in the development of Pramiti Yoga school. He decided to experience ashram life, so went to Greece where met his Guru Swami ShivamurtiSaraswati, and spent a few years in the Satyananda Ashram InPaiania, Athens. There he learned the principles of Karma Yoga and the teachings of Satyananda tradition. Since 2008 he resides in Lagonissi and teaches in Athens, and all over Greece.



-Individuals who wish to become yoga instructors
-To yoga instructors who want to enrich their knowledge of chakras, nada yoga, teaching psychology , energy anatomy and physical adjustments.
-For individuals who want to enrichen their methods and knowledge without wanting to instruct (150hours of training)

Registration documents:
1/ Two photos
2/ A photocopy of identity card or passport
3/ A photocopy of proof of level of literacy
4/ Medical certificate from pathologist or cardiologist to state that "... is healthy and can be exercised"



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CPR-AED rank 02 FEBRUARY 2020 point point
AERO BOX rank 01 FEBRUARY 2020 point point
aerobic prime rank 07 MARCH 2020 point point
aerobic prime
Group & personal training rank 16 NOVEMBER 2019 point point
Group & personal training
PILATES MATWORK + PROPS rank 16 NOVEMBER 2019 point point
Pilates Matwork + Props
PILATES REFORMER rank 25 JANUARY 2020 point point
Pilates Reformer
AEROBIC CHALLENGE rank TBA point point
GROUP FITNESS rank TBA point point
Movement Studio rank TBA point point
Movement Studio