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If you are a professional in Aerobic Fitness now you can aquire a diploma of recognition from AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification by writing exams in Greece . AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) is the largest worldwide Fitness Training organization and one of the few which provides recognized professional completeness and validity to Aerobic Instructors and Personal Trainers.

The AFAA diploma offers an invaluable comparative advantage to its holder and because of this it is considered an absolute necessity for every professional. Up until now, in order to receive this type of certification along with all it has to offer you would have needed to travel to America to be able to write these exams which could be costly and time consuming; and of course you would have needed to be proficient in the English language. Taking into account these specific problems and the need for worldwide acknowledgement in the form of a diploma and the need for the upgrading of studies for the Greek Aerobic Instructors, IAFA has secured the right to have these examinations in order for someone to receive their first diploma ‘A.F.AA. Group Exercise Instructor’ through practical and written exams in Greece.

By doing so , it has secured prestige and absolute validity for all professional aerobic instructors, regardless of their other independent studies. The written exams are in Greek and the practical ones are both in Greek and English .

Worldwide Diploma
The successful diploma holders of AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification are registered in the official worldwide list of A.F.AA diploma holders and will receive via mail a certificate of recognition from the central offices in California

- Two specialized workbooks
- Teacher’s notes for every student
- Free reinforcement tutorial lessons
- Practical training in real gym conditions

- 15% discount for participation in any seminar & studies in other courses.

For your through preparation a book by A.F.AA ‘Fitness Theory and Practice’ will be given to you . This is the official exam material ( written in English) including a brief guide translated in the Greek language.
Special workshops are also organized in preparation for the practical and theoretical exams which are taught by recognized instructors .

Furthermore, if you don’t have a valid certificate in CPR/First Aid, we offer you the ability to receive one in Emergency First Responses following the rules and regulations of A.F.A.A.



Professionals in Aerobic Fitness

Registration documents:
1/ Two photos
2/ A photocopy of identity card or passport
3/ A photocopy of proof of level of literacy
4/ Medical certificate from pathologist or cardiologist to state that "... is healthy and can be exercised"

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CPR-AED rank 02 FEBRUARY 2020 point point
AERO BOX rank 01 FEBRUARY 2020 point point
aerobic prime rank 07 MARCH 2020 point point
aerobic prime
Group & personal training rank 16 NOVEMBER 2019 point point
Group & personal training
PILATES MATWORK + PROPS rank 16 NOVEMBER 2019 point point
Pilates Matwork + Props
PILATES REFORMER rank 25 JANUARY 2020 point point
Pilates Reformer
AEROBIC CHALLENGE rank TBA point point
GROUP FITNESS rank TBA point point
Movement Studio rank TBA point point
Movement Studio